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Metal Garage Doors


Fast same day service and customer service that cannot be matched. When you need your garage door fixed we come to the rescue as soon as possible. We will come to your home at no cost until you approve the work that needs to be performed.


This is one of the most common problems that we see on a daily basis. Torsion Springs and Extension Springs counter balance the true weight of your door so that it only feels like 10 pounds when you lift it by hand. When these springs break it makes your door feel super heavy. Serious injury can occur if you attempt to replace these on your own.


Sometimes the door gets crooked and jammed in the tracks. It can look completely terrifying because the door is in a position to completely fall down. Fortunately we see this problem on a regular basis and usually are able to fix it with ease. Do not attempt to move the door in any direction when this happens. You run the risk of making things much worse.


If you ever hear the motor running but the door itself doesn't budge it most likely is a broken gear inside the box. You can pull the manual release on the garage door opener so that the door can be lifted by hand until we get there. Never try to remove the cover that exposes the gear because there are parts that can be confusing to reassemble.


The garage door can have a crease or bend in the sections that at first may be unnoticeable. Over time that small amount of damage can cause your sections to buckle making it impossible to operate the door normally. All we need is the make and model of your door to insure that we can find matching sections. This can be found on the right side of the door.


One of the symptoms that you may have a bad circuit board is the door going up and down sporadically on its own. Power surges and lightning strikes are the most common cause of this problem. The make and model number on your opener is usually found on sticker near the wiring connected to the unit. Find that number so we can bring parts.


Does the door work but it sounds kind of rough? You may need to have the door serviced and lubricated along with having the track adjusted. Sometimes the foundation of your home settling can cause the tracks to get out of alignment. If ignored this can cause major problems down the road. Don't wait to get this fixed.


When the door won't close and keeps reversing on its own the problem is most likely a safety eye out of alignment. This is the most frustrating thing that can happen because everything appears to be in perfect working condition. If one of the beams is slightly off it provide inconsistent operation of your door.


Would you like to have an extra remote for a family member? Or maybe a keypad with a special code that you can give to a friend when you are out of town? There are so many different accessories available for your garage door opener that can make life much simpler. Be sure to ask us about them on our next visit to your home.


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